We are a team of students who have the goal to create a highly innovative office chair. It is our vision to design a chair that gives individual feedback to the sitting behaviour of the person using the chair. Additionally, due to the innovative design one can comfortably sit in a healthy posture that allows a totally new sitting experience.

The prototype we created may be patentable according to the Austrian patent office. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot publicly provide details about the construction of the innovative Kalibri chair until the patent is filed.

We are collaborating with leading medical experts, which provide us with the latest scientific input to assure the best possible outcome.


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Innovative Chair

Smart chair functions

Built in smart functions allow to give feedback about the individual sitting behavior. This feedback allows to learn about and improve one’s sitting habits. Thereby, health issues that arise from sitting statically can be avoided easily.


The next position is the best position. The comfortably supported flexibility allows a totally new feeling during the sitting experience. Mobility is supported and the creativity of the user increases. Feel free and contact us.

Better posture

Sitting on the optimized seating surface of our chair supports a better posture. The lordosis in the neck area and the kyphosis of the thoracic spine is reduced as a result of the innovative design of the seating surface. That is why one can comfortably sit significantly more straight in a healthier posture.


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Chair characteristics

Well designed

The chair is well designed, looks modern and attractive. Creating an attractive sitting experience was the focus from the beginning on.


All materials and resoures included in the chair were deliberately selected to reduce the footprint of its production.

Global delivery

Once the production has started our innovative chair will be available worldwide.

Out of the box

Rethinking the problem to find a better solution. This is our credo when creating innovative products that solve everyday problems.

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Our team

Advisory Board

Who we are?

We are a team of students who have the goal to create a highly innovative office chair. It is our vision to design a chair on which one can comfortably sit the whole day in a healthy posture without having to suffer from backpain.

Kalibri stands for ...
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health

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Prototype iterations
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Introduction video to an ergonomic work place




Kalibri innovative chair



Kalibri chair